P A R A D A I Z  T A P E  M A Ș I N A




PARADAIZ TAPE MAȘINA is a DJ duo based in Bucharest that exclusively plays original hand-picked Proto-manele and early Manele cassettes released between the late 80s and mid 00s, on analog decks. Often, the project includes the booking and live performances of some of the most emblematic bands from that same period, such as Novomatic or Real-B.


It is, simultaneously, an ongoing art history project set to preserve, archive and analyze the very poorly studied and almost forgotten, yet fairly exotic and successful oriental party music (or Proto-manele) scene set in Romania's pre-revolution and economic transition years.


This scene which built  its own system of production and distribution, functioning as a counter-culture, far away from the mainstream media interest and rejected by intellectuals and opinion-makers. This lo-fi oriental music scene ultimately paved the way to the professional Manele Pop industry that today produces arguably the most popular music in the country.




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