Sistem ca pe Ferentari (Ferentari Soundsystem) is an annual festival comprised of a series of events and concerts that highlight Ferentari’s positive traits- its unusually productive music scene, its strong sense of community and the notion that isolation only aggravates its social problems.


The third edition that we organised on the 9th of September 2018 consisted in arts&crafts workshops and one outdoor concert.


The arts and crafts workshops were hosted by artist collective Matka and Crina Mureșan. They worked in different media and they were attended by 40 local children.


As in the previous years, the main event was a concert that took place in the park on Livezilor Street. It included 2 local theatre and dance acts formed by local teenagers, a local manele band called Formația Frații Cobzaru, legendary lăutari songstress Cornelia Catanga and the famous young manele artist Geany Morandy and his band.


Sistem ca pe Ferentari 2017 was organised by EasyEco a local NGO that has a sustained activity in education and harm reduction, with help from PARADAIZ.


All photographs by Larisa Baltă.



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