Sistem ca pe Ferentari (Ferentari Soundsystem) is a series of events and concerts that highlight Ferentari’s positive traits- its unusually productive music scene, its strong sense of community and the notion that isolation only aggravates its social problems.


The ghetto on Livezilor Street, Ferentari is one of the few extreme poverty areas in Bucharest that broke the barrier into public awareness, but it is perceived by the Romanian public as a criminalised and dangerous territory.  Even though this neighbourhood  is less segregated and ethno-racialized than many of the more remote, well hidden Roma ghettos in Romania and Bucharest, the class and race discrimination is a persistent factor that preserves the community’s complex issues.


Ferentari has been entirely excluded by the city’s cultural plans. In the absence of any institutional cultural involvement, and under the influence of its large Roma population, it has developed its own musical subculture - a vibrant manele music scene. This is the first annual outdoor event that showcases and supports manele artists, and the first large project that validates Ferentari’s cultural output as a significant part of Romanian pop music.


The pilot edition that we organised on the 4th of September 2016 consisted in 5 arts&crafts workshops, one outdoor concert and an after party.


The 5 arts and crafts workshops were hosted by 5 artists that worked in different media and they were attended by 80 local children.


The main event was a concert that took place in the park on Livezilor Street. It included 3 local bands; Taraful lui Nelu Bosoi, Mițu din Sălaj and Leo de Vis, and the headliner was Copilul de Aur și Formația Kana Jambe.


The after party took place at a local community center, ‘La Stela și Dana’, and it showcased the result of a week long collaboration between Joxaren, a Swedish producer, and a local Manele band.


Sistem ca pe Ferentari is created in collaboration with the community and local organisations and it was successful in building bridges between this neighbourhood and the rest of the city, despite the prejudice that was exposed in numerous conversations that surrounded the event.



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